Replicating old window trim

2:51:00 PM

We needed to add some bottom casing to the bathroom window. This window's bottom casing was removed in a previous remodel. I wanted to match all the other 1895 window trim in the house. I bought some new router bits and milled some new ones to match.

These next few pics show what the original trim looks like.

There are three pieces.

The first piece is an Ogee edge with a cove edge over that.

Sketch miter set up. I have made a crosscut sled after this.

The top piece is just flat stock rounded over on the bottom. I just sanded it to round it.

First piece screwed in.

Using tape to hold the mitre joint.

The rest of the pieces were glued and nailed.

Painted and looking good.

A comparison with the original casing with my new casing. Pretty good match.

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