Hiding the breaker box

5:52:00 PM

We removed the huge closet that was covering the breaker box which I was told would fail an electrical inspection. To make the cover as small as I could to save space, I decided to angle the covers to hide the wires. There are only nine screws that need to be removed to take the covers off there needs to be any maintenance.

Here is what I came up with. It needs to be sanded and painted. Once the drywall is back in place it should look good.

The top angled panel needs to come off first and is help on with four screws. The right side rectangle panel is held on with only three screws on the right. It is hard to see but the left panel is screwed on with two screws. It is three parts in all.

New lower ledge wall to fill in the gap. You can see the old closet layout on the floor.

New drywall installed.

Added a vertical side pice attached to the joist.

Added the easy first piece.

I had to cut this piece to match the not plumb 2 x 4. It came out ok.

This piece just wedges in

Added filler triangles to fill in the gap.

Opposite side triangle added.

Somewhat finished. Needs to be sanded and painted. Not to work on the crumbling walls.

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