Bathroom Project and the Unfortunate Window - Completed

12:19:00 PM

Start of of project

Work with what you got. The window was covered by the previous owner. I was able to cut out the drywall in the bathroom and pull off the plywood cover in the stairwell to reveal the window. This lets in a ton of natural light now. I will make a divider between the wall the butts up to the new glass block window. Once it is trimmed out it should let in tons of natural light and look ok.
Cut out the drywall to find this half of the window. Looks like an 80's era remodel.

Testing out if a one piece shelf would work.

Panorama shot.

Just after I exposed the window.  Here is how it looks edge on. You can see the boxed in furnace duct on the upper left in the bathroom.

New glass block window insert added.
The surrounding loose limestone and mortar need to be cleaned up.

The walls have been skim coated to hide the old wallpaper in the bathroom. getting ready for primer.

Walls primed and window shelf added.
I cleaned the sill of all loose debris and used construction adhesive to glue blocks of wood to the sill. I then used shims and adhesive to ensure the shelf was supported. It looks like a mess but I really laid on the adhesive. I also added a few more blocks for support after I was done.

Another shot of the shelf. It runs the full width of the window and is cut for each side.

Added divider to the window to make each area separate. The divider board fits snug and will just need a small amount of clear caulk on the window edge after it is painted. The rest will get painters caulk.
I added the shelf piece first. I used construction adhesive and wood blocking to get it level. As level as I could for a 120 year old house. The walls had 2x4's on the flat used to hold up the drywall. I used my circular saw an plunge cut half the 2x4's away to get more width for the opening

Had to shim up the bottom to make it level. I also added some spray foam to insulate and add extra support. 

All trimmed out.

All painted up.

View from outside.

Scraping up the old vinyl floor

Painted the sink.

Fresh paint on the walls.

New tile floor. Ready to trim out.

Completed project

Everything came out great. Toilet installed, everything cleaned and ready to use.

Walking in and turning left.

Peek in the shower.

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