Adding stock TJ fog lights to a 2010 JK Jeep Wrangler.

6:52:00 PM

I aquired these old Jeep TJ fog lights. No wiring or mounting brackets were included. First thing I did was picked up this Winjet universal fog light wiring harness from Amazon for $12.

Then I needed the brackets to mount to my bumper. After some research I found that Hella 500 Brackets would bolt up with some modifying to the lights.

I did have to modify the mounting point on the light base. There was a bit too much plastic at the bottom where the brackets meet up. This made the bolt and the holes not line up. 

I also made them a bit narrower at the bottom. As you can see, the brackets were spread out a bit too much as well. I hammered them in a bit and got a good fit.
Next was to find the right spot to mount them. I wanted them as wide as I could get them without covering the turn signals. Then it was just drill the holes and mount them.

I found this video helpful to understand what I needed to do for wiring up the lights and switch. 

After I ran the wires and put the fuse back in, IT WORKED!

I decided to wire them in hot so I didn't need the key to turn them on. They work great. If I had all the tools this would have only cost $14. Not too bad.

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