BMW R 100/7 replaing the headlight lens

9:26:00 AM

This was a pretty easy job and only took about twenty minuets. To take the headlight assembly out you need to to push a flat head screwdriver in the slot on the bottom side of the chrome ring. You may have to pry the headlight to get  it to release. Pry from the bottom. The ring hangs from a lip on the top of the housing and pivots up. Then pull the headlight bulb by releasing the clips. Then pull the small parking light bulb or just pull the wire connectors from the fittings.

Damaged from a fall in a creek..

We need to remove the wire clips.

Press down on the side that is not touching the headlight.

It should just pop out.

It should be fairly easy but make sure it doesn't fly off.

Keep in a safe place.

The new headlight lens should have a black rubber ring attached around the out side. I found it easier to remove the black rubber ring first. Then place the reflector and headlight lens together. Make sure you line up the lens correctly. Then work the rubber ring around both the lens and reflector to seal them together.

This is what it should look like once you get it installed. I can be a bit tricky and I had to use an extra set of hands to hold one side as I walked the rubber ring around.

Ready for the chrome ring and retaining clips.

Putting the clips back in was easy. Slide the bigger end to the headlight and end under the ring.  Then pivot the other end under the chrome ring.

Reinstalled and ready to ride.

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